funeral songs

Shouting on the Hills
Everywhere I Go
I'll Fly Away
Ain't No Grave
Beyond the Blue
Jesus Set Me Free
Hallelujah I'm Ready
Scotland/Steal Away
Christians Automobile
Heard It From Heaven
Cool Down Here
Encore - Gloryland
Encore - I Saw the Light

These video clips wee recorded at
the Noe Valley Ministry during the
2008 San Francisco Bluegrass and
Old-Time Festival.  The sound
quality is just what you might expect
from a friend's handheld digital
camcorder.  No matter.  They still
give a good idea of how we look and
sound live, like the Jesus-needing
professionals that we are.
"We're the most messed-up needing-Jesus gospel band in all of America." - Max Butler
Spiro Tsingaris fiddle vocal Danny Angell snare Reed Sutton bass Rachel Butler vocal Max Butler lead guitar vocal
Greg V. Arthur mando vocal Lori Arthur guitar lead vocal Craig Turner  percussion
not pictured Rich Ferguson banjo dobro vocal
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Lori's grandparents, great uncle  and great-grandfather
New Mexico ~1935
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Mary Had A Baby
Blue Star Moms
On Company Time

We've self-produced and recorded five
CDs, two of them live, two in studio, and
one in our garage way back when we were
getting started as a band.  
(2006) is sold at
CDBaby.  Gloryland,
Mary Had a Baby (2003), and
Hundredfold (2001) are available through
us by e-mail. The Memorial Day Benefit
Concert for the Blue Star Moms (2005)
was a live recording strictly for give away
at benefit concerts for the Blue Star
Moms.  On Company Time (1999) is no
longer available.  All proceeds from the
sales of our CDs are donated to the
Creekside Community Church Prison
Bible Fund for the purchase of Bibles and
other min
istry needs at Deuel Vocational
Institution State Prison in Tracy,
California.  Not that we are anything like
King David in any way, but at least we
want to be like him when he once said, "I
will not give to the Lord something that
costs me nothing."  CDs turn into prison
Bibles, praise God.
Reviews, Commentary, and a Few Other Nice Things Said


"I have been enjoying both CDs.  We are here in the Appalachians, and are working on older traditional
hymns.  So it's exciting to see (and hear) what you are doing"
Hagerstown, Maryland

"The inmates' favorite band inside San Quentin"
Protestant Chaplain, San Quentin

"Against the grain, in the right direction"
Editor Hanx Americana

"In essense, boot-stomping gospel bluegrass."
Editor Christmasreviews

"It was such a great night all around -- for our church, for the families we'll be able to help, -- and
ultimately, for the Kingdom."
Pastor Bay Marin

"I cannot describe to you the deep sense of His provision that washed over me as I was listening to your CD."
R & R Ministries

"I am pleased and proud of you that you are doing this music."
Aunt Francis, who's 83 years old

"You'll never know how healing the evening of song and music were for us all."
Blue Star Moms

"Thank you for the ministry.  Run on!  God shine upon you. Hallelujah!"
Dublin Federal Women's Prison Inmate

"Thank you very much for coming in here.  Two hours of freedom, it was beautiful."
Deuel Vocational Institution Inmate
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The Fret Not Old-Time Gospel Band plays
boot-stomping old-time roots gospel.  Lead
by Lori Arthur's fiery singing, with songs
from the traditions of America's black and
white rural churches, it's as if the Whitstein
Brothers and Sister Rosetta Tharpe held a
barn dance together.  In fact, Lori's
grandparents did just that on their New
Mexico ranch during the Great Depression,
with Eugenia, her grandmother, on rhythm
guitar just like Lori is now, and her
great-uncle, grandfather, and great
grandfather on banjo and twin fiddles.  Most
every-one else in Fret Not also leads or at
least plays lead in church worship bands, or
fronts their own gospel bands of two-timing
pickers, or teaches true and right music to
kids. So its in their blood.  It's also in their
calling.  Fret Not brings the old-time gospel
to the dispirited and disheart-ened of
modern life, with most appearances in
prisons, recovery missions, funerals, and at

There is something in the old songs, borne
out of the suffering of slavery and company
towns, failing farms and untimely death, that
prepares the heart to hear in the Word the
only Uplifting Gospel there is.  Fret Not has
its own sound equipment, plays at no
charge, travels at their own expense, but
does ask
permission to sell CDs, and will
with thanksgiving receive honorariums and
Old-time Gospel Band
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