It may very well be that "God is going to use the work He does in the lives of prisoners to reach the world!" - Prison Fellowship.

One prisoner told us that the Lord Jesus protects His own in prison.  He said that when he first arrived, he was so scared because he was automatically by birth a gang member.  And when he became saved he was even more scared because he could no longer be in a gang and do what they do.  But it turns out that when someone is saved in prison he goes to the gang leader and says "I'm a Christian now", and no one touches him as long as he walks the walk, for the gangs fear God and harming His children.  He told us that he and the other saved men walk as free men in prison.

Nearly to a man, the testimony is that if weren't for prison and the Church therein, they would never have known God's loving kindness in Jesus and been saved, for as Paul wrote, "God works together all things for good for those who love Him".

Please pray for the prisoners and consider whether the Lord is calling you to serve Him there.

Prayer Concerns for Deuel Vocational

1. Pray for the success of every ministry at DVI.  It requires the power of God for permanent change to occur.

2. Pray for continued peace at DVI, especially between Norteno and Surano inmates.

3. Pray for Christ to raise up new inmate leaders at DVI to take the place of those who have been sent out.

4. Pray for the Spanish Church to thrive at DVI and to fulfill God's calling to minister and encourage inmates.

5. Pray for the four men at San Quentin who gave their lives to Christ Jesus, that they will heed God's call to righteousness and share in His joy.


Prison Ministry Contacts

Deuel Vocational Institution
P.O. Box 400
Tracy, CA 95356
Rev. Roland Ruffin
(209) 835-4141 x5077

California State Prison
San Quentin

San Quentin, CA 94964
Rev. Earl Smith
(415) 454-1460 x5307

Salinas Valley State Prison
P.O. Box 1020
Soledad, CA 93960-1020
Rev. Doug Moon
(831) 678-5500

Dublin Federal Correctional Institution
5675 Eighth Street
Dublin, CA 94568
Chaplain Hans Hoch
(510) 833-7500

Prison Fellowship - Bay Area
P.O Box 6657, Concord, CA 94524
Greg Bruce, Director
(925) 935-9902

Prison Fellowship - Central Valley
P.O. Box 276263
Sacramento, CA 95827
Rick Atchley, Director
(916) 362-2515

Man-to-Man Ministries
P.O. Box 14516
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Carl Glemann
(415) 454-1460 x5309

Pacific Youth Correctional  Ministries
P.O. Box 541
Mt. Hermon, CA 95011
Arline Hillman-Ruiz
(831) 465-9023

Nowhere have we found people who love the Lord Jesus and each other more than in Church in the prisons.  Nowhere are we more blessed in what we do.
"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:35
Our Preacher at the Prisons
Bishop Dave McElroy
(510) 215-4627