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Gloryland - American
Funeral Songs
Mary Had a Baby
Memorial Day Benefit
Concert for the Blue Star
On Company Time
Upcoming Schedule

May 31, Friday @ 6:30p
Federal Womens Correctional
Institution, Dublin
5708 8th Street, Camp Parks
Dublin, CA  94568
contact - Chaplain Ashforth
925-833-7500 ex 385

June 16, Sunday @ 5:00p
Deuel Vocational State Prison
Mainliners' Service
23500 Kasson Road, Tracy
contact - Chaplain Ruffin

July 14, Sunday @ 8:00p
Milk Bar - Bluegrass and Beyond
1840 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA  94
contact -
Davis IL

September 20, Friday @ 7:15p
Peninsula Bible Church
Recovery and Renewal Service
3505 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
contact - Andy Burnham
Rich Ferguson's
Good Old Gospel
Bluegrass Band
Christian ministry to prisoners, their
families, and their victims  
throughout the world
Max and Rachel
Gospel Band
Community Church
"A safe place to hear
a dangerous
message", our church
home in San Leandro
Folk Music Festival on the
Beautiful Oregon Coast
Campus Crusade's
ministry and service to
our military and their
An association of the
families of our country's
Blue Star Moms
Christmas Reviews
On-line reviewer and
promoter of all kinds
of Christmas amusic
An on-line reviewer of  
Americana music from
the Netherlands
Joni Eareckson's
Christian ministry to the
Our other home church in Oakland,
seeking to glorify God's name,
through God's people, locally and
The Fret Not Old-Time
Gospel Band
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Band Members
Spiro Tsingaris fiddle vocal Danny Angell snare Rachel Butler vocal Greg V. Arthur mando vocal
Max Butler lead guitar vocal Rich Ferguson banjo dobro vocal Reed Sutton bass
Lori Arthur guitar lead vocal
All monetary procedes from the sale of
CDs are returned to charities -- primarily
to the prison ministry at Dueul Vocational
Institution in Tracy to buy Bibles, anger
management workbooks, audio-visual
equipment, and whatever else the prison
A great festival hosted in numerous
excellent venues over 8 days in February
San Francisco Free Folk Festival
Two days of free music
Old-Time Gospel Band
We play, what could be called
Americana gospel, the old-time roots
music from the traditions of the black
and white rural American churches.  It's
the "farmer formal" sacred songs from
the Emancipation to the Depression, as
well as some of our own.  It's the music
of our grandfathers and great-grand-
fathers, when they were fiery and
young, and had to endure their hardships
trusting only in Jesus.  It's the songs of
the old saints who were well acquainted
with suffering, for some were in chains,
or at the Freedmans Bureau, or in
company towns on failing farms, or at
the graveside.  It's a uniquely American
expression of the cross and shed blood,
of sin and salvation, of grace and mercy,
and of repentance and forgiveness.  It's
the music for time of trouble, when
nothing but the unadorned full gospel of
Jesus will do.  And it's steely-eyed
encouragement by the old songwriters in
the power of the Holy Ghost to keep
walking on out in Jesus name, to keep
leaning on the everlasting arms, to finally
lay your burdens down.

We have been at it together since 1994
performing 12-24 times per year.  We've
never sought music industry success but
rather fulled up our dance card with
prison gigs, rescue missions, funerals,
church services, and benefit concerts for
groups doing good like the Blue Star
Moms.  We're self-produced five CDs.  
We return all band proceeds to charity,
primarily into prison ministries.  As our
most noteworthy accomplishment, the
prison chaplain once said we were "the
inmates' favorite band inside San
Quentin".  A great complement for us
and for old-time roots gospel, in our
estimation.  Nevertheless, it is our
prayer, when it is all said and done,
when we have all gone on to our reward
like our fathers before us, that we were
somehow out of the way of the songs
themselves so that the only gospel there
is, the old-time full gospel of Jesus, was
clearly heard.

May the One who has overcome this
mean old world, the Lord and Savior of
sinners like us, be glorified in all of you.
Available CDs

"Gloryland" may be purchased at CD Baby
and iTunes.  "Hundredfold" and "Mary Had a
Baby" may be purchased by e-mailing us.